Dashcam Clip - 2016-12-08

Video Problems

I slid off Intertate-196 eastbound going about 120 km/h (probably a touch too fast). Long story time... I had been skipping class at GRCC for 2 of the past 4 weekdays because I was suuuper tired (because my circadian rhythm was suuuuper fucked up) and I thought it would be unsafe for me to drive to class in that state. I hadn't been able to skip class the day before, because I had a final project due, and that class got out at 21:30 at the end of a 12.5 hour long day (with a 45+ minute drive in both directions). And today I couldn't skip class because I had my lab final for chemistry along with part 1 of the 3 part calc physics 1 final exam. The physics final started at 10:00, but the Prof said you could show up early (he was a bit relaxed with the whole "time limit" thing) (I had my chem lab final right after so I wanted to show up early), unfortunately I had difficulty waking up and getting out of bed, so I was running a bit late (probably would not have even made it by the "official" start time). This was the first snowfall/sub-zero temperatures of the season, and I had been putting off putting my winter tires on my car, since I had not felt like I had the physical/mental energy to go do that, so I had my summer tires on still. Unlike what happened on 2016-02-24 I wasn't there mentally, and I didn't immediately hit the clutch to zero out front wheel torque for better steering (in fact I don't think I even cancelled the cruise control until it was too late) (this all takes place over a few seconds in the video but it felt like longer at the time (I guess you think faster while driving??)) I remember being a little confused at why the car changed lanes so quickly/steering feeling weird before realizing what was happening and countersteering/reacting a bit too late. The crash resulted in one of my front tires (left or right I don't remember) going flat (tire was undameged just lost all air (probably from sliding sideways with speed)). So I called a tow company to tow me to a tire place because I didn't feel like I could deal with this (I also called my mom to bring my winter tires to the tire place and pick me up to bring me the rest of the way to class). On the way to the tire place we went westbound down the interstate for a while before finding a place to turn around and head back eastbound to the tire place, so we passed over the place where I slid off, the tow guy wanted to see how slippery it was so he rolled down the windows and gave the truck a little gas and you could hear the wheels start spinning/sliding real fast and he remarked (I forget the exact words) that the road was essentially pure ice. So I eventually get picked up from the tire place by my mom and she drives me the rest of the way to class and by this point I'm pretty damn late and I show up at the calc physics final and as I mentioned before the prof doesn't care about time limits that much, by the time I finish the calc physics exam the chemistry lab final is well past over so I had to retake my chemistry lab in 2017 (my grades weren't spectacular in my chemistry lab so, failing and retaking it wasn't the end of the world).

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